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Agreement Meaning Hindi

Agreement (Noun) – the declaration (oral or written) of an exchange of promise Rajinama (Noun): please sign the agreement. Agreement (Noun) – the determination of the grammatical difference on the basis of the verbal relationship agreement (Noun) – harmony of opinions or actions or signs anviiti (similarity in number, sex or word in grammar) (Noun): There is no correspondence between the subject and the verb in the sentence « She goes there every day ». Approval (Nomen): The Indo-Pak talks could not reach an agreement. Jugaad: (Bagheli idiom) The preparation process by The combination, the diagnosis of measures, rational initiative. (Bagheli Word) Management: Sanskrit Management [Noun Pulling] 1. Arrangement 2. Good, solid and superior operations 3. The command, which goes regularly continuously 4. A plan for some kind of work 5. Test; Composition 6. A poetry award. Rajinama: The article by which the complainant and the accused reconcile and withdraw the charge of the management of the court: Management – Noun Pulling [Sanskrit Management] 1. It`s a good bond.

A chain of connections, etc. 2. The glanding of many things or things into one. plan. 3. Prior association. A chain of borders. 4) the extension of the syntax that is linked. A complete poem in articles or many related verses. test.

Example: Réal-jodhan Avatar Nrip Sat Sakbandha. Bharath sam kiya bhuvan mah tate chandra maadaan. – P. Raso, see page 1 – Retail verses are not called « management » but « spreaders. » 5.

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