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Social Security International Agreements

1. Where a proposed international social security agreement provides that certain amounts must be considered as an individual`s income, these amounts must be considered as income of the person within the meaning of this Part 3. The right to early pension granted to Australian nationals on social grounds is also considered to have been permanently in Denmark for less than 12 months, immediately prior to the application for a pension, and that the need for pension appeared during their stay in Denmark. Wanting to regulate the relationship between your two countries in terms of social security benefits and coverage, you agreed as follows: the International Association for Social Security (ISSA) is creating a database on international social security conventions. A first step includes information on existing social security agreements, including contracting states, the effective date, the duration of the reference period for seconded workers, the duration of insurance for the self-employed, the types of social security branches covered, as well as other references and links. In a second phase, the database will contain information about the operation. How the bilateral agreement program helps people working in the U.S. and abroad. 3. Where a resident based in Australia is eligible for an Australian benefit under this agreement or in any other way, the person`s Australian benefit rate is zero as a result of the application of Section 13, paragraph 2, point (c), only he is considered to be the beneficiary of an Australian benefit under Article 1, paragraph 1, point b), and may be eligible for , therefore, obtain relevant and applicable concessions under Australian social security law. 3. In determining the right to a state social security benefit under the State Social Benefits Act, periods of residence in Australia are considered periods of insurance under the law of the Republic of Latvia, provided that the person concerned has stayed in the Republic of Latvia in the case of an old-age benefit for the twelve uninterrupted months immediately prior to the benefit. (g) The contracting party seeking a rescheduling to recover a social security debt pays for the costs incurred by the other contracting party for the recovery of the debt, including legal fees or other costs, which must be paid in accordance with the laws of that party.

For the purposes of this paragraph, the « costs incurred by the other contracting party » relate only to the costs incurred (for example. (B) where legal action is taken to recover the debt and the administrative costs of a contracting party are not included. (a) provisions relating to the distribution of insurance costs that may be included in international contracts between the Federal Republic of Germany and other states are not affected; International social security agreements can be comprehensive and cover the whole area of social security (pension and disability insurance, health insurance, health care and maternity, occupational accident and illness insurance, unemployment insurance and family allowances) which cover only certain sectors of social security. 3. When an institution, court or court delays the recovery of a social security debt or orders or orders or proceeds to the payment of a social security debt in increments, the five-year period covered in point 1 (a) iv) is extended from the deferral or, as required by the case, the period during which the debt must be paid in increments. recognising the need to continue to coordinate the functioning of their respective social security systems and to improve equal access for people who pass between Australia and Italy to social security benefits provided by the legislation of both countries, in the desire to regulate relations between them in the field of social security, d) with the exception of a third country pension taken into account under the e) , or in accordance with paragraph 3 of this article, benefits that must be paid under the legislation

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