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Unprotected Lease Agreement

3. You can apply for the right to obtain the lease with 60 days of termination, for example, but the owner will have the same right. It should always be the same for both parties. A recommended alternative is the right to obtain a replacement tenant who takes over the tenancy agreement, and the lessor can only refuse the replacement for reasonable reasons. So the answer to the first question is: yes, you can… if your rental agreement is not protected. Many commercial premises are rented on protected rental types. This provides tenants with the security of the rental. This means that, in most cases, landlords are required to renew the lease, which is not much less favourable than before.

Find out what you need to know about protected commercial space leases. Most commercial real estate tenants have a legal right to renew their tenancy agreement (or the prospect of compensation if their lease renewal is refused). The L-T Act also guarantees that the lease does not automatically end on the « end » date in the lease. It will continue after the « end » date, unless (or up to) certain actions have taken place. Leases are commonly referred to as « protected » leases. Extending a business lease is a complex area and anyone who thinks about the process should be professionally advised. One of the chartered surveyors in our sales department would like to make it available. Please also contact us to discuss your needs if you would like to help find commercial premises in the area and its surroundings. The landlord and tenant can agree on a contract for a protected tenancy agreement if the tenant is willing to do so. In this case, certain formalities must be followed. 5. All leases contain a clause stating that the lease is an « unprotected lease » and that you have not paid the key money.

This means that the rental agreement is not subject to rent control and that, when the term of the tenancy is over, you must evacuate the unit, you do not have the permanent right to reside there or transfer the lease to family members. If you have a fixed-term contract, the landlord cannot distribute you without good reason (such as unpaid rent) for that fixed period. Whether or not a tenancy agreement should have the security of the 1954 rent protection is an important consideration for the parties when awarding a new tenancy agreement, since the lessor wishes to retain the option of choosing tenants, while the tenant may have to protect his position in the market , which may be closely related to its location. A number of factors can influence the decision, including the bargaining power of the parties involved, the economic climate and future business plans.

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