Expérimentation, Méthodologie et Innovation

Recherche et innovation par le Design PSL-ITI (2018)

As part of the PSL-ITI cursus, a module focused on design, created and organised by Martin De Bie and Christophe Guerin.

This module following the frame of a workshop is divided into different stages that correspond to methodological project elements, essential to make a creative process readable and intelligible. At the same time, they will be able to discover rapid prototyping tools (mobile unit) allowing them to quickly make physical sketches of their projects. The purpose of such an exercise is to allow PSL-ITI students to experience a methodology applicable to a Design Object project.

Schedule :

Monday 17/12

1- first step :
Understand the issues and objectives (9am–9:30am)
[Visit of the school (9:30am-10:30am)]

2- Second step : Communicate
– Search for inspiration (10:30am-12am)
– Ideation tools (1pm–3:30pm)
– Tell a story (3:30pm – 4:30pm)
– Presentation (4:30pm – 5pm)

Tuesday 18/12

3- Third step : User scenario / video (9am – 3pm)
4- Fourth step : Video presentation (3pm – 3:30pm)

Wednesday 19/12

5 – fifth step : Experimentation, materialisation, formalisation (Tuesday 4pm – Wednesday 12am)
6 – Sixth step : Finalisation (1pm – 4pm)
7 – Seventh step : Final presentation (4pm – 5pm)


Presentation workshop :

Contexte page

Here the four project from the workshop :
The amazing spidey
Soon, more insect in your school canteen
Jackson 5

Pictures of the workshop :
Workshop PSL-ITI 2018

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