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Jackson 5

Paris 2, December 22 2072

At night there is no light.

There’s nothing better than family gatherings and trips to strengthen the bonds that link members together. Jackson 5, the recently public unicorn, is reinventing an obsolete practice, camping. Although people have shied away from earth travel in the recent decades, a growing number of humanoids are now interested in exploring the mother planet again.

As Jackson 5 puts it, « Nothing beats the feeling of togetherness and the existential thrill of camping ». Being lost in the wilderness is something our ancestors have been doing for centuries. Their new product wants to bring this practice back to our everyday lives by making it as beautiful as ever and as safe as possible.

Jackson 5, named after the founder’s favorite classical music band, is a state of the art tent provides heat, light, entertainment and safety. The whole system is solar and wind powered, the entertainment is guaranteed by subspace frequencies that make sure high speed connection is available anywhere on the surface and even inside some volcanoes. The Jackson 5 also beams ultrasounds to deter wild animals and unclassified humans from penetrating the safety perimeter. All of the tent system and its dependancies enhances conviviality and sharing as it can host up to five people and is optimized for family use.

The Jackson 5 modules can be folded and stacked for portability. The central Jackson 5 units are planted in various locations around the globe. Users can locate a Jackson 5 central unit and plug their personal modules to it. All components are ready to use, this system provides fresh water, heat, light, protection, food storage and air filtering/conditioning.

Zorn Halifax 3098, for The Milky Way Post.

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