Expérimentation, Méthodologie et Innovation

The Amazing Spidey


Spidey are nanoscale robots (nanites) with

Personalised geolocalisation devices

Implemented inside the body

Designed to help our senior citizens in their

Everyday lives

You wonder how it works?


It guides you through your optimal path taking into account the weather and your favorite spot in the city

Summer or winter, no more worries for your displacements with Spidey


A connected device that can warn your merchants or appointments of your whereabouts

Making them able to send an alarm if you’re missing

Automatically sending « Sparky brigade » to your resue

Zen, Spidey monitors your health and vitals 24/7

Including personalised subcutaneous signals to warn you of every issue

No more hesitation,

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Use case of the project


How our Sparky robots are made : Exemple with a horse and a bull

Subcutaneous information system and alerts

Spidey inside the body




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