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Soon, more insects in your school canteen.

Your parents always tell you that insects are good for your health. Next year, back to school, whether you like it or not, you will have more of them in the canteen.

Indeed, starting from next year, every two days, the menu in every school canteens will be composed mainly of insects. But why ?

Insects are an amazing source of food. They are good for your health, they are everywhere, they are green and they are a source of proteins that will make you stronger. Instead of eating meet coming from cows, pigs or fish, eating insects is an ecological move that contributes to save the planet !

But the best part is : you will grow your own insects at school ! During the week, you will have the occasion with your class to grow and cook your own insects_based food.

Every two days you will spend your day off producing the insect of your own consumption that will help you grow faster.


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